Who are we ?

We are a Spirulina production and sales unit based in Petite Camargue, where we have the benefits of a protected site with an exceptional sunshine record.

Specialising, since 2003 in the production of quality Spirulina, without pesticides, herbicides or conservation agents, we have, thanks to our serious approach, become a major player in the French market.
In fact with our production facility of over 4000m², ALGOSUD is now the principal French producer of Spirulina.
Our Spirulina is recognised by all the specialists, as well as our customers, as being the Spirulina of the highest quality, both for its nutritional levels and for its taste.

Extreme care is taken at all production levels and for further evidence of this you are invited to consul tour quality charter.
What’s more, our production installations are open to visitors and a boutique is available on site.
Drawing on its experience, in 2010 Algosud undertook the further development of its activities relative to complimentary algae based nutriments, and now offers additional products such as Odontella which will provide you with all the support you might need in your daily life.
All these products are available and on sale here.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.
Algosud French Spirulina producer
ALGOSUD Spirulina from the Petite Camargue is artisanally-produced in the south of France, within the culture pools of our aquaculture farm in Lunel.
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Algosud French Spirulina producer
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Quartier Vidourle
30 chemin des Boeufs

Telephone : +33 (0)4 67 82 53 57
Fax : +33 (0)4 67 40 74 05

GPS Coordinates :
43.692613 / 4.151415
The Spirulina from Algosud in the Petite Camargue carries the Sud de France label
Algosud Spirulina: A 100% French product